General Management MDPs: Managing Self

As they say in English, charity begins at home. Therefore, to manage anything we first need to manage ourselves; one can not manage anything else without managing oneself. This programme aims to inculcate introspection amongst the participants to help them explore-evaluate-regulate their potential, thought process, attitude and action(s) to further their personal and professional visions and goals. It is expected to sensitize the participants to their immense potential, cultivate and empower them with tools and techniques for managing themselves effectively to help them optimize their personal and professional performances.

By the end of this programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Develop a greater sense of self-awareness, integrity, and mental capacitance
  • Have a different perspective of the outside world
  • Regulate their thought process and action(s)
  • Manage their time effectively and efficiently
  • Manage stress effectively and efficiently
  • Manage people-issues-events more effectively and efficiently

  • Introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment
  • Understanding the Science of Mind Management
  • The Mind-Body Connection
  • The Power of Habits
  • The Physiology of Habit Formation
  • The Habit Loop
  • Conditioning of the Brain
  • Exploring the Power of the Subconscious Mind
  • Internal Locus of Control
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management

Anyone (having at least a graduate degree) with a smouldering fire within for introspection, exploring mind management, and rebooting one’s thought process-attitude-actions to attain optimal personal and professional accomplishments.

  • 7,999/- plus GST@18% per participant per day with a threshold batch size of 20 participants.


Prof. (Dr.) Rajeev Ranjan

An accomplished Academician-Administrator-Consultant-Trainer, with about two decades of work experience with the Government of India and higher education management, having the capability of simultaneously donning multiple hats with equal ease. A perfectionist with a very high level of personal integrity, vision and leadership insights to strategically plan, direct and control projects/operations with military precision. Areas of Research-Teaching-Training-Consulting include Public Policy Management, Social Marketing, Public Health Interventions, Neuromarketing, and Entrepreneurship. Several research papers to credit have been published in various international journals and accepted for presentation at some of the prestigious international conferences, including Cambridge and INFORMS. Reviewer of numerous research papers for several international journals and some of the prestigious international conferences, including Cambridge. Consulted for several organizations and departments of the government wherein many of the recommendations of the report have been implemented at the first sight. During his stint as Chairperson of CIMP Executive Education, conducted MDPs for 3K+ Senior Executives/Officers; including BAS, BPS, and BPrS Officers; drawn from organizations such as Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Life Insurance Corporation of India, Bihar Vikas Mission, Bihar Education Project Council, etc. and General Administration, Home, Finance, Industries, Rural Development and several other departments of the government. He may be reached at

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