Finance & Accounting MDP: Behavioural Finance

In finance, most of the decisions are taken by traditional paradigm which is prone to errors due to involvements of principals and agents in various decision making process viz. asset pricing, cross sectional returns, earnings management, dividend announcement, capital budgeting. This traditional paradigm can be supplemented well the formal understanding of sources of biases and there repercussions.

The objectives of the MDP are:

  1. What are the interventions of human psychology in traditional paradigm of financial decision making?
  2. How the anomalies changes over different intervals?
  3. Can we understand the process of habit or preference formation?
  4. How to apply and moderate the investment decisions using investment psychology?

  1. Investors
  2. Stock analyst
  3. Financial correspondent
  4. Relationship managers
  5. Wealth managers
  6. Academicians, researchers
  7. Brokers and securities’ professionals

INR 30000 + GST, for 2 days

Prof (Dr.) Santosh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Finance and Accounts, CIMP

Prof (Dr.) Ranjit Tiwari, Assistant Professor, Finance and Accounts, CIMP

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