Communication MDP: Communication Skills for Interpersonal effectiveness

All human endeavours are made possible with communication, but this is especially true in the sphere of management. An organization’s lifeline, communication, is essential at each level. An organisation with employees who can successfully interact with each other can effectively communicate with clients also. Without it, the organisation becomes dysfunctional with no clear direction. Further, understanding of science and practice of strategic business communication in order to succeed in today's competitive business environment is not optional. Likewise, understanding audiences, effectively organising ideas, choosing right media, communicating persuasively, and requisites for being effective in global business environment.

Effective, and interactive sessions are provided in this programme to address particular and distinctive communication-related challenges. Participants are given a mirror since we can only understand ourselves and others via realistic self-awareness. The session also highlights the importance of getting along with people as well as adapting to circumstances in order to improve communication and interpersonal outcomes.

The programme would cover methods and obstacles linked to interpersonal communication. Additionally, it would take on conflict management as well dive into subtler aspects of interpersonal communication. In this program, a thorough module on understanding self and other’s communication and different communication challenges would also be covered.

The session will develop improved communication abilities of front-line customer care executives, managers, and company executives. It is perfect for all professionals employed in fields including manufacturing, hospitality, information technology, banking, and consumer products.


Prof.(Dr.) Mamta Singh, Assistant Professor, CIMP

PhD, IIT Dhanbad. She is associated as a faculty for Communication and OB & HR with Chandragupt Institute of Management Patna (CIMP), Bihar. Her core area of expertise includes managerial communication, interpersonal communication, leadership communication, and all aspects related to effective written communication. Dr. Mamta has diverse experience of working with corporates as a HR professional. Her research papers have also found place in the journals of national and international repute.

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